The Howler is a 2012 Halloween animatronic made by Tekky Toys. He was sold at Spirit Halloween In-Store in 2012, as part of the Barn theme alongside Wolf Spitter and Limb Ripper. He is a rising werewolf prop that is in the same family as Demonica and Damien


  • Rises off the ground 3 feet into the air
  • Turns head back and forth, as well as occasionally throwing it back
  • Eyes glow red
  • Makes howling, growling and barking noises
  • Mouth moves in synchronization with noises​

Spirit Halloween DescriptionEdit

Beware the werewolf - this sound activated animated werewolf prop is known as the howler for good reason. Set him off and the bloody creature bares his fangs, his mouth moves and he howls as his head writhes about and his eyes light up with a bloodlust best observed from a safe haven. Just when you think you may be safe, he rises a full three feet off the ground as if possessed. Possess the animated howler werewolf prop and transform your Halloween experience in a fantastically frightful fashion.