Kicking Scarecrow

This Scarecrow hangs easily and brings out the scare to surprise your guests or trick-or-treaters. Animated, he kicks around to give your Halloween decorations an extra "creep" factor! *Life-sized Scarecrow figure

  • Legs kick around
  • Eyes glow red
  • Hangs up easily
  • A creepy addition to any Halloween decor
  • Speaks the following phrases:
  • 1. "We have been waiting for you."
    2. "Yes, come closer. Come right up this way."
    3. "At last, I've waited so long for this moment."
    4. "I'd turn back if I were you."
    5. "Ah, yes. The master will love you. Right this way."
    6. "Strange things come out on Halloween... like me!"
    7. "Do you dare approach? You could get a treat.. or a trick!"
    8. "I'd warn you to stay away.. but I want to see what happens."

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Made by: Gemmy