Jack Skellington is a 7ft tall Halloween animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween in 2017, made by Gemmy Industries. He is based off of his character from the Tim Burton film, the Nightmare Before Christmas.


  • Right arm moves left and right
  • Right hand clenches
  • Mouth moves
  • Speaks 12 phrases from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie


  • This was Gemmy's first licensed lifesize to be sold at Spirit Halloween since the Wicked Witch of the West from 2012.
  • Jack Skellington was an extremely popular animatronic in Spirit Halloween in 2017: on August 15, 2017, he became sold out on their website for the first time that year, amazingly even before the Halloween season truly began.
  • Jack is known as "one of the best Gemmy lifesizes ever created"
  • He is the first Gemmy lifesize since the 2011 Freddy Krueger to have moving fingers.
  • When Jack opens his mouth, the inside is white, where it should have been black.
  • Another common disappointment is that he's a Halloween prop that says "too many" Christmas-related phrases. Many people like this about him, however, as it makes him a multi-holiday prop.
  • Jack was leaked in July on, along with other Spirit Halloween 2017 props including Creepy Towering Clown, Tricycle Doll and Haunted Vacuum.