The Forest Demon is an animated Halloween prop made in 2017, sold by Spirit Halloween. He was made by Crazy Create LTD.


  • Upper body lunges upward
  • Mouth moves
  • Eyes light up


  • "I came here for the souls of children! But I'll gladly take YOUR'S, too! Hahahahahahahaha!
  • Your great great great grandfather almost killed me once. Tonight, I take my revenge... ON YOU!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
  • The souls of the innocent are hard to come by. But the souls of the broken, like you, are everywhere!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
  • So, am I as scary in person as I am in your nightmares? Do you dare sleep, knowing I am near! Hahahahahahahaha!


  • According to the Spirit Halloween story that comes with the Forest Demon, the creature was once a protector of the great forests, however he along with his forest were burned down by a group of evil humans who wanted to expand their territory. After this, he grew back with an intense hatred for humankind, thus becoming a Demon in the process.
  • The forest demon, along with the Harbinger of Hell from 2015, are both props that have a 50/50 positive negative reception among the community. Due to them both being hell/devil/demon themed props, most strong Christians don't like them due to what they're based on.
  • He was placed in the Spirit Hollow theme for 2017 in Spirit Halloween.