The Flying Lab Monster is a Halloween decoration made by Tekky Toys in 2005. It is part of the Flying Monsters prop line and is extremely rare.


The flying lab monster is primarily based off the iconic horror film character Frankenstein. The monster has a thin green head with wrinkly skin and a double chin. His face is molded into an angered, growling expression showing his white teeth among purple lips. His eyes are baggy and the pupils flash green when activated. He has bushy black eyebrows pointed downward to add to his angered state. There is a scar across his forehead that is stitched shut with metal leads. His head is flat with black hair. His entire body is flat (except for the midsection which is only kept 3d by the head. He wears a black coat over a purple undershirt with flat black pants and flat square, gray shoes. His arms are flat with big, 4 fingered green fists.when activated, the monster growls and yells as his eyes flash green and he flails his arms in the air while flying back and forth on a 25 foot long cable.


  • Him, the flying vampire, flying mummy, flying gargoyle and all 4 flying reapers are the only flying monsters that are not ghosts.
  • The flying Lab Monster, Flying Vampire and Flying gargoyle are the rarest flying monsters.
  • He was only available in 2005.