Damien is a rising zombie prop for Halloween. He was sold on Spirit during the 2010 season. He is a suit clad zombie who rises from the ground 3 feet into the air.


• Emits Haunting Growling, Laughing and huffing sounds as well as bone cracking noises

• Damien's eyes light up a demented red as he turns his head and throws his neck back

• A rising animation pushes Damien 3 feet off of the ground.


Damien is a zombie who is half in the ground, half out. His head is bald and has extremely pale skin. He has open wounds and flesh openings on his head revealing his brain and muscles. He has purple bags under his red eyes. He doesn't appear to have a nose. His teeth are all jagged and has 6 visible teeth on top and bottom, equal ing out to 12 teeth in total. His hands are rough with sharp nails. His black suit is badly torn and blood soaked. Around his neck is a collar with a badly torn tie.