Count Von Mortis

The face of evil! Standing 6ft tall, Count Von Mortis features a dark gray velvet coat with attached shirt front & red vest, a black satin bowtie, black pants, hand-painted roto-PVC head with red LED eyes and long stringy synthetic black and gray hair, hand-painted roto-PVC hands, black shoes with gold buckles, a black bat-like cape with brown satin collar, and a black satin top hat with silver satin hatband. Plug into any standard outlet to operate the LED eyes, the motion sensor, the 3 rotating sounds, and for his cape to open & close. The sensor is light/shadow/motion sensitive and Count Von Mortis will say one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor. Assembly required. Sayings: (Over here, peasant...let me give you a taste of the afterlife! Muah-ha-ha-ha-hah!; Ah, come closer so I might see you better. The blood coursing through you is crying out for release! Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!; One bite from me, and I can bestow you with an immortal life- An immortal life - of darkness! Muah-ha-ha-ha-hah!). Assembly required. Weighs 15.19 lbs.

Available at:

Halloween Express,

Fright Catalog,

Halloween Asylum

Made by: Morris Costumes